Things Done and Things To Do

Much has happened since my last entry here. Stephen moved in on December 14th as planned and we have now unpacked and sorted a large amount of belongings. It’s amazing how much you can squirrel away in a small space. There are still some boxes to unpack and things in them to find homes for but the house is more of a home than a storage warehouse now.

Moving day went without a hitch and we watched the 2 guys with the van as they carried and moved impossible weights on their own, despite offers of help from us. ‘You’re alright, we’ll do it’, was their response each time we said anything. When they’d finished unpacking we were left standing amongst a pile of boxes that filled the lounge, knowing that the boxes in the lounge were going to have to be unpacked into the lounge somewhere. Upstairs was a similar scenario; boxes everywhere and a home to be found for it all. It felt a bit daunting.

3 months on and we seem to have slipped quite naturally into living together. There are still things to iron out but all-in-all it feels like it’s always meant to be. We have things planned for the year already; Shakespeare at the Globe, some of it in Swahili and British Sign Language, camping on Dartmoor …. in a tent, the Genius of Illumination exhibition at the British Library, and Shelf Lives: 4 Centuries of Collectors and their Books at Cambridge University Library. That will be among frequent bike rides, walks on the sea wall, gathering furnishings for our Moroccan Bordello and sorting out the garden and the play room. Oh, and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, which seems to happen quite a lot.

I’ve also taken on the role of Chair for Maldon Art Trail. I’m still new at it but have a great committee who are all dedicated and enthusiastic. Watch this space.