The Tao of Physics?

A Thousand Colours describes exactly one of the things I’m trying to explain here. I just wanted to put it in my own words as well.

Existence = Essences, threads, facets, aspects … it doesn’t matter what you call them, they’re all the same – only different. It all amounts to the same thing. There are myriads of each of them, only they are all one.

Think Quantum Physics (is light a wave or a particle or both? Can a particle be in two places at once?), Zen, Tao, Buddhism, and you’ll get the idea. Separate facets indeed, but the Light that shines through them all is One!

I’m not talking about a god-like figure, or being, when I refer I to a Light (whatever Lao Tsu meant). No, I’m thinking more along the lines of a basic ‘essence’ that underlies everything. Something intangible and transient that is the basis of allexistence. The tinted fragments of existence all shine because of the sun of being … if you’re getting my drift.

I’ve just ordered a book called “The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism” by Fritjof Capra. I read some of it years ago. What amazed me about it was how close the ‘physics’ side of it was to Eastern Philosophy. Some of the quantum stuff was close to reading the ‘I Ching (or Book of Change)‘ (Richard Wilhelm). It all fitted.

I understood the’ I Ching’ better.

  • The I Ching holds that life is movement and that it develops through the conflict of opposites – change. All existence is based on movement and change. Through reading the I Ching we can cultivate an understanding of the world and ourselves. Without this understanding, the text is useless.

I understood quantum mechanics better.

  • Everything is linked and it depends on how you look at it as to how you will see it – physically, psychologically and emotionally. How you look at things determines how you experience them and subsequently how you behave because of that experience.

Sound familiar? Think psychology, particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy! Life is movement and change – it is inevitable. How you perceive movement (and our experiencing of the events on the way) determines how you behave because of those experiences. This is what makes us experience emotions and act on them, whether consciously or subconsciously. How often do we act on something only to wish later that we had done something different?

The way I understand it, we have one perception of events at the time they happen, which shapes our understanding of the world around us at that moment. This is our unique, individual, existential view of a particular fragment of existence, of reality. There is a reality going on ‘out there’ regardless of our perception of it. But is that reality all of our perceptions, or just yours or mine? Is reality determined by perception? Does it depend on collective perceptions to make it accepted as reality?

To view an alternative perception allows us to have an alternative understanding of the event and our behaviour. The same event looked at from two different angles …… And back to quantum physics!

How am I doing explaining myself?

I know what I mean but I wanted to explain it in a way so that others can understand as well. It might help me to understand it all better! And reading back over what I have just written I do understand what I’m trying to say.

It doesn’t mean you will though!