Steps on a Profound, Perfect Journey

I advertise myself as “Past the half century mark. Still growing up and still getting it wrong.” Somebody very kindly left a comment on Look Well To This Day For It Is Life to tell me I’m not getting it wrong and that life is just a series of steps along the way. I’m very grateful that they took their precious time to read my entry and to write a response. Thank you, whoever you are.

While I realise they are right, I like the “… still getting it wrong” bit. It has a mischievous ring to it. So I decided, after some deliberation, to keep it.

I kinda like the idea of never getting to the point where I have life sewn up and getting it right. I’m here to learn and I want to continue to learn right up to the end. It’s half the fun of living. I know it’s not about getting it wrong either. It’s the ‘ah’s’ and ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aha’s’ of each step of the way that makes life exciting and helps me to grow.

So, Parker’s Pen, whoever you may be, thank you for being another step along my way, part of my ramblings and wonderings and for making them matter. And thank you for sharing your story about your friend. I never found the poem you mentioned but I will continue to look.

Here’s to many more steps on my profound, perfect journey.