Sense And Sensibility?

Well, I’m not sure how much sense that last post makes. It all seems a bit vague and veiled. I know what I’m talking about so I suppose that’s what really matters.

Come to think of it, the veiled theme has run throughout this writing. I’ve never really alluded to my relationship, or it’s progression to be more exact. I made brief, happy reference to it last September when I started these writings but not after that. Things have changed and you’d have thought I might have written about it here. So why didn’t I?

I guess because the world can read this if they like and I didn’t want to bring other people into this other than in a superficial way. I was quite prepared to be deeply personal in my writings but only where my thoughts and feelings were concerned. I wanted to preserve other peoples privacy.

Now I think about it, what’s the point of leaving things out when all of it is important here? I need to be honest with myself. The fact is this blog is not public and is unlikely to be found unless by chance (this has now changed – this blog is public). These are my own personal and private writings and are not listed as in the public domain (they are now).

The chances of someone finding this who knows any of the people involved are very remote (this still stands).