Rambling Discourse

I don’t know what I want to write, so here goes ….

Stephen moved in on December 14th and brought a Luton van full of boxes and bags. After the removal men had gone we were left standing amongst the mountains of his belongings wondering where on earth we were going to put it all. A small 19th century cottage wasn’t built to accommodate a department store sized delivery. Needless to say, 3 weeks later, we now have room to move.

It’s been quite amazing how these Victorian walls have soaked up vast quantities of accumulated personal property. The cathartic act of removing unnecessary and duplicated goods has been … cathartic. There is still a goodly amount of tweaking to do but the old house is starting to feel comfortable and habitable. At least Stephen is here and the wonderful realities of living together are sinking in. The dream has changed; what was once a dream is now real and the new dreams now begin.

As I write, we have a fire in the grate, a cat curled up on the sofa, a glass of rum in hand and a curry on the go … almost – Stephen is about to put that together. Homely and comfortable is how I would describe it. In fact, things are starting to feel so together that I’m feeling the urge to write again; surely a sign of feeling settled.

I do love using the semi-colon, I’m just not always sure whether I’m using it in the right place. A quick check on Writing Forward reveals that I’m pretty much headed in the right direction. You will have spotted the abrupt change of direction there; the swerving, tyre screeching leap from one topic to another. That’s because I’m writing what comes into my head rather than a flowing discourse that is designed to be story telling. This is a rambling narrative, much like the posts contained herein.

And now … wouldn’t you know it? … it’s the next morning. We’ve eaten our parsnip curry and dahl, fallen asleep on the sofa (that was me not him) and had a lazy lay-in before getting up near midday.

It’s a grey old day outside and we need to think about what we’re doing today. Literary discourse is not on the agenda methinks, not today anyway. Sorting the recycling, making breakfast cereal and bread are though.