Morning Sunshine


I love the sunshine through the lounge curtains first thing in the morning. It’s a vibrant, warm glow full of energy. We haven’t seen a lot of sunshine recently and this morning it was a more than welcome sight to come down and see this. It makes me want to leave the curtains closed as well as throwing them open to greet the day.

When I woke up this morning it was to bright sunshine and the feeling I want to leap out of bed and do something. In reality, I came downstairs and made a cup of tea and then sat down to write. I suppose that’s doing something though, isn’t it? I sit and want to write at other times and nothing comes to me so I should be making the most of this.

My latest project seems to be developing in a very different way to the others. I’ve been letting my characters develop and grow before starting to write a story and in doing so I can feel a story growing out of my characters.

I sometimes worry that I’ve got more than one thing on the go at the same time, but that goes back to realising I’ve left a trail of unfinished projects behind me in life, whether art, writing, or some other hobby I’ve picked up along the way. The projects I’ve got going at the moment are all ones I keep re-visiting and want to go back to. I’ve also realised I might not finish one or two of them for years. At least one of them may well grow into something quite big and that will need a lot of research and writing. It will also need a lot of editing. So I’ve started to worry less about unfinished projects and learnt to concentrate on growing the projects I’m working on. They will come about in their own time.

And now for some of that washing up that’s waiting in the sink – before the water goes cold.