It’s been quite amazing for me since signing up to Harringay online. I have always had a lack of memories about school, particularly, in London and I have trouble picturing friends and classmates but I’ve been regaining memories I thought were lost to me. Partly, it’s because I’m writing about them and exercising my memory anyway. But it’s also about feeling re-connected to a place I left behind a long time ago. The responses to my blog posts and to my discussion have been warm and welcoming. Thank you Harringay.

I have to wonder, did I ‘wipe’ the memories of London in order to handle the separation from long-term familiar things and people? I can remember wondering how I was going to cope without my friends and familiar places. At 10yrs old it was slightly traumatic to move so far away and yet it was exciting too. I suppose the only way to handle such a move was to become part of the new life quite quickly. After all, it was all there was and there was no choice.

I have always been able to adapt quickly to uncomfortable and/or unavoidable situations. Is this where it comes from?