Hiram B. Redfern

Hiram B. Redfern was a brave man until he dropped down dead.” So wrote the man’s wife in a reporters notebook as his body was carried from the auditorium on a stretcher.

There are few dreams that stick in the mind but this was one of them. The name ‘Hiram B. Redfern‘ seemed so real to me after the dream that I was convinced he existed. For some reason it had a profound effect on me and I couldn’t get it out of my mind for weeks. I can’t even say what the effect was. It felt as though there was a deeper, almost hidden meaning that I could not quite grasp. Although the dream must have taken place over 20 years ago I still expect to come across the name one day!

We were gathered in a large hall with a curved roof that may have been domed but may not have been. I got the impression the structure was temporary. There were a large amount of people present, perhaps 500, and they all seemed to be reporters or scientists observing an area of grey rocky landscape on a huge screen at the front. The landscape was dark and pools of light dotted the barren ground like spotlights from some unseen gantry.

On the surface of the moon a small group of astronauts were bouncing in and out of the pools of light in the slo-mo manner of low gravity. It was obvious that the pools of light were sun spots and this was a scientific gathering to observe the phenomena. While I know what sun spots are, in the dream these were sun spots.

Hiram dropped dead somewhere in the middle of this event. The strange thing was, his wife was more concentrated on writing about him dying than she was about him dying. There was no indication, either, of what Hiram had done that was brave or why he had died.

And what Mrs. Redfern was doing there in the first place is unclear.