Friends & Conversations

I’d already thought about doing some visiting over the weekend but I’m not sure I’d have got round to it if Nile hadn’t been here. And then Mick turned up on Friday afternoon out of the blue. I didn’t know Nile was coming at that point. I was on my way out to get some shopping and he’d just pulled up in the car. We had a good chat and then I went to get Nile from the station. Mick invited me over on Saturday to spend an evening with wine or something.

Called up to the Gaffney’s after getting Nile but they were out so we popped own to Doris’s. I hadn’t even thought that it was Friday evening and she would be working. However, JC was in and we stayed for a while.

I was leaning against the kitchen door frame chatting with him as he put the kettle on. I went for a wee and the toilet seat nearly came off. I remarked on this when I came out and JC jokingly blamed it on the kids. In his own inimitable way, looking quite serious, sounding very matter-of-fact, he launched into a diatribe about how plastic toilet seats weren’t quite the ticket compared to wooden ones. He felt sure that they went skewiff after a while and there was always a line of shit down the side of the pan where you couldn’t take a dump straight into the water. It used to go straight into the water but to get it to do that now he has to sit at a funny angle. I even had a vague demonstration of how he sat.

The conversation was typical JC but had a slightly surreal feel to it as well. Between him and Rick they manage to brighten any day with their honesty, openness and ‘basic-ness’. Last week I had Rick talking about his piles and how they tuck them back in these days instead of cauterising them.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the Gaffney’s. Doris was there as well and Susie arrived just before we left. I was relating the conversation I’d had with JC on Friday evening and couldn’t get my words out for laughing. The same thing happened later when I was telling Mick & Carole about it. We also remembered that when Jack was quite young, JC was in the bath with him and lifting his legs to fart (JC that is!), only he followed through and Jack ended up scrambling frantically out of the bath as his dads turd floated towards him. The poor boy was probably only just getting over that when JC decided it wouldn’t hurt to show his kids his piles!!

Saturday evening we had a Chinese take-away and some wine and sat in the conservatory most of the evening smoking. Mick took Nile to the station in Burnham when he went for the Chinese. I slept on the settee and woke about 10:30 the next morning when Carole appeared and asked if I wanted a cuppa. The rest of the morning was spent lazing about and Mick and I went for a walk along the sea wall at Mayland in the afternoon.

Following a dull overcast morning, there was blue sky and the sun was shining. The wind was a bit keen and had a definite autumnal feel to it. Our ears ached. Ozzie kept running off in the wrong direction and we simply sat down where we were and chatted while we waited for him to come back.