Friends and Warmth

It was only about a week ago I was moaning about none of my friends seeing if I was OK or contacting me. It’s probably a bit narcissistic of me to expect them to. They show their warmth in other ways.

Like Paul asking me if I wanted to stop for something to eat one evening. Then in the middle of dinner announcing that his wife had said I was looking a bit underweight. When I asked if that was why he had asked me to stay, Chris said that she’d merely remarked I looked like I’d lost weight recently.

Then about 10 days ago Siewkeen phoned and asked me over on Sunday for a walk and a roast. It was a lovely day and we walked down to Creeksea and along to Burnham, where we stopped for a pint and a bowl of chips.

Mick’s mentioned coming over to theirs and stopping the night a couple of times and I took him up on it weekend just gone.

They all know I’m going through a difficult patch and offer their help in different ways. I like being with all of them and they give me a warm feeling when I think about the times I’ve spent with them all. In my last post I mentioned being with them and having a laugh. That’s the sort of warmth I appreciate. It makes me feel happy.

And now Mick’s got in touch to say he’s going to pick up the dragon’s tail tomorrow and install it in Mike Springett’s garden. I’m going with him.