Curry, Gin, and Harems

My new cookery bible has to be ‘Miss Masala’ by Mallika Basu. With easy recipes, cooking tips and tricks for healthy Indian food, it also has to be one of the funniest cook books I’ve ever read. Think recipes interspersed with blogs. She writes about aspects of her life with great humour and gives gorgeously yummy recipes she has learnt from colourful aunts and family. When you can describe stirring a dish with the line, “Don’t make love to it. Fuck it!” you can begin to get what I mean. She’s also quite gorgeous and has to be the new love of my life alongside Nigella Lawson. I’m starting to build a harem. Strange, if you know me well enough!

So, with a larger-than-I-meant-it-to-be gin and tonic I sat down with ‘Miss Masala’ to find an accompaniment to last night’s chicken curry and kitchen wipes (the curry was rather hot and the sweat ran round my ears and down my neck). When I found ‘Jeera aloo for nutters’ I drank the gin rather too quickly and set off to try it out. A delicious way to use new potatoes is all I can say.

I’d also have to include Jason Isaacs in my new harem. Have you seen ‘Case Histories’ on BBC1? He takes his shirt off quite a lot and went very well with my chicken curry and jeera aloo. I can’t help wondering if all my sweating came just from eating hot curry! With four more episodes to go I’ll have to find some more good food to go with him (perhaps something a little more cooling next time). Next episode is on Sunday 12th June at 9pm – I’ve already set the reminder.