Coast – A Settler Welcomed

The closing lines of Coast (BBC2) this week were:

“Our coast welcomes settlers and repels invaders.”

There’s something special about living by the coast. The big wide skies, the reflection of light on water, the smell, the sounds of the birds, the movement of air as the tide comes in and goes out again, the stillness at high tide on a calm day.

It is also the first place where I have ever felt ‘at home’. A place that welcomed me and helped me to settle. The village I live in plays a major part of that sense of feeling at home but then so did Maldon when I moved there over 20 years ago. 18 of those years have been spent here, in Goldhanger.

That’s the longest I have ever lived in one town in my life. I feel I can finally say this is where I belong and that it is also where I come from – placewise. I’m finding out where I really come from through my aunt and uncle – from family.