Afghanistan’s Child Drug Addicts

I watched the report by Ramita Navai on drug addiction amongst the population of Afghanistan last night (Channel 4’s Unreported World). Difficult to watch at times, it was a brilliant piece of reporting about a desperately tragic subject. Children as young as 3 are addicted to morphine or heroin and the problem is widespread. The […]

Coast – A Settler Welcomed

The closing lines of Coast (BBC2) this week were: “Our coast welcomes settlers and repels invaders.” There’s something special about living by the coast. The big wide skies, the reflection of light on water, the smell, the sounds of the birds, the movement of air as the tide comes in and goes out again, the […]

Altered State of Mind

When I was aged about 9 or 10, I discovered I could do something that I later realised changed not only my perception of the world outside and inside me, it also altered my state of mind in the moment of it happening. Or was it me altering my state of mind that changed my […]