I guess the question in my last post was aimed more at the other person than me. I had to question it for my own understanding. I know what the love of friends and family feels like and I know what it is to love them back. As far as is possible as a human […]

Curry, Gin, and Harems

My new cookery bible has to be ‘Miss Masala’ by Mallika Basu. With easy recipes, cooking tips and tricks for healthy Indian food, it also has to be one of the funniest cook books I’ve ever read. Think recipes interspersed with blogs. She writes about aspects of her life with great humour and gives gorgeously yummy […]

Wedding Ring

Today I’m wearing my mother’s wedding ring. When I first saw it again at my niece’s it drew me in and seemed to signify more than just my mother. This was the ring that my father put on her finger nearly 60 years ago. To wear it means to celebrate the happy times they shared; […]