A Church and a Community Shop

While we were in the Museum of Power we picked up a leaflet about the local community shop in Langford. It’s housed in St. Giles’s church! A local lady entered a competition a few years ago answering the question, ‘If you had £10,000 for your local community, what would you do with it?’ Her answer […]

Things Done and Things To Do

Much has happened since my last entry here. Stephen moved in on December 14th as planned and we have now unpacked and sorted a large amount of belongings. It’s amazing how much you can squirrel away in a small space. There are still some boxes to unpack and things in them to find homes for […]

Uncle Fred, Paras and Badgers

It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind of a week in one way or another. My Uncle died last Saturday and it will be his funeral tomorrow. There has been lots of to-ing and fro-ing and telephone calls and a lot of sadness. He would have been 85 this week and in March he and my […]

Rambling Discourse

I don’t know what I want to write, so here goes …. Stephen moved in on December 14th and brought a Luton van full of boxes and bags. After the removal men had gone we were left standing amongst the mountains of his belongings wondering where on earth we were going to put it all. […]

How cute

Some time back, not long after I met Stephen, we were walking hand-in-hand to see friends of his. A young girl of about 13 shouted from across the street, ‘Excuse me, are you two gay?’ We paused and I said, ‘Yes, why?’ She grinned and replied, ‘Aww, how cute.’ I thought that was lovely and […]