Things I’ve learned:

Cleaning your teeth too hard wears away the enamel and they don’t look white anymore and they become sensitive to heat and cold. Spectacles can be uncomfortable and hurt! I’ve become more aware of death the older I’ve got but it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. A very large Espresso can […]

Way Of Life

I really ought to get back to reading the I Ching. As a way of life it has taught me much in the past and I felt as though I could move through life much more gracefully. I want to get that feeling back. I haven’t felt alive alive for ages. Much of the time […]

More Philosophical Thinking

I’m beginning to realise the rhythm of my meanderings. I’m filling the blog with things that matter to me and define me as a person: the ramblings; the people; the songs; the seasons and the events. Seasons are the defining events in all our lives in my opinion. We go through mini seasons as well […]