BBC – Radio 4 – Afternoon Reading

The Mural At Frau Krausers by James Hopkin, read by Tom Goodman-Hill.

The narrator stares at the green mural at Frau Krausers – a seedy tavern under an iron railway bridge in Berlin. He knows he should leave, but one beer leads to another.

Producer Rosalynd Ward.

I was listening to this on the way home from C & P’s. It was brilliantly written and wonderfully read. The narrative had an almost poetic feel to it, with phrases like the description of the man at the bar with “… a grey beard thatching the place between his longing and his loneliness.” While the narrative sounded natural and free-flowing, I suspect that every phrase was worked on for wording, rhythm, descriptive power, and naturalness. The whole story was dripping with brilliantly engineered prose.