A Sentient Cluster of Cells

It’s amazing how human beings take it for granted they are alive when the chances of you and me being born are so slim. How did I come to be born? Was I predetermined or am I the result of random DNA sequences started long, long ago? One iota of difference in the formation of the universe and you and me wouldn’t be here now.

This sentient cluster of cells that forms me also possesses the awareness that I am me. I am only here once in the entire history of the universe. There will only ever be one of me and one of you. That’s quite a sobering thought.

I often used to wonder what it would have been like had I been born as someone else. The fact is I was never going to be. I was always going to be me and I will always have been me. It’s what I do with the me that I am that is important.

I have an effect on the world as much as it affects me. That is what being human is about. That is humanity. I’m part of something limited and timeless and I only have the one chance to experience it.

It’s not so much the physical contact we have with each other that is important, but the spiritual contact. Touching somebody else’s life is what makes a difference and determines the present and the future. It’s also what makes us feel that we belong to something, that we are a part of life that matters.