A Bit of a Ramble

Got coffee and a fag (I know, I know) and I’m ready to rumble. Not that I know what I’m writing about, coz I don’t. I just thought I’d go through a ramble of today’s thoughts and stuff.

Counselling last week and yesterday was interesting, to say the least. All sorts of stuff came up about what I would have wanted from my parents and didn’t get. I felt really quite sad at the end of yesterday’s session and didn’t want it to finish. It was quite touching how my counsellor stood at the door and watched me leave. Almost as though she had felt my sadness. I must remember to feed that back to her next week.

The upshot of the 2 sessions I’ve had is that I feel less depressed. I was going to focus on getting me back to work yesterday but felt like I rambled through past stuff instead, but it seems to be working. I’m feeling more like going back to work. Perhaps the focus is on ‘parenting’ in relation to work. I feel there are things I’m not getting from my managers that I would like to get.

In the news lately is much about baby P. While the case itself is horrific I’m rather alarmed by the media focus on Haringey Social Services. What about the rest of them? There were numerous agencies involved and they are all accountable. This child was seen 60-odd times in his short, pathetic life by hospitals, doctors, the Police. That amounts to almost once a week, presuming he was seen from birth. If he wasn’t seen by anyone for some months after he was born then he was seen by somebody more than once a week. If there were failings on the part of one agency it should have been picked up by another and acted upon. There are ways of forcing the hand and the fact that that hand was not forced is inexcusable.

Lord Laming’s inquiry into the Victoria Climbie tragedy highlighted the need for better coordination of services. He also said that there should never be an excuse for this happening again and that those responsible for any further instances such as this would all be held to account. There is now better coordination of services but the services themselves don’t seem to apply it. A public enquiry is surely the next step to take. The public have a right to know what went wrong and why.

I’ve just been listening to a ‘comedy’ on Radio 4. I’m not sure what happened to the old school of comedians but I think it’s closed down. Most modern comedies are a load of crap and contain childish remarks and phrases that are supposed to pass as funny. I can only presume the audience are paid to laugh at the right moment. Short bursts of sound that come and go at the right moment. They certainly don’t sound like they’re particularly enjoying it. Talk about canned laughter. It resembles laughter but could be something engineered in a phonics workshop. Needless to say I turned it off.

I’m running out of steam already. It’s late and I’m tired. Why do I usually feel like writing late at night? I wanted to write yesterday but nothing inspiring would come to me. Maybe because I felt like writing about the counselling but was still a bit raw from the session and wasn’t sure about approaching it all again. I went for the keyboard a few times and then put it off.