150 Year Old Holm Oak Cut Down in Maldon

They’re cutting down the old holm oak in St. Peter’s churchyard, Maldon. The base of the trunk has a fungal infection that has weakened it and it is in danger of falling down.

It has stood in front of the Thomas Plume library for about 150 years and has become an imposing presence in the town.

It provided a lot of shade in the summer and the bench under it is a popular place to sit. It’s also an enormous amount of greenery spreading, as it did, out over the road and towering about 80 feet above the town.

Without it there will be a huge gap and I’m sure it will be missed by a lot of people – I know I will.

Today, there were pockets of people standing around in the High Street watching the operations as they start to take the tree down. It will be an impressive piece of work and I’m sure will attract bystanders, but I also think there will be people watching because it feels like the end of an era. There will be a lot of emotional people in the town.